Thursday, 8 September 2011


Hey girlies..
I know i on my last blog i said i was guna stop blogging, hmm just to let u know yesterday i was in a shitty mood and felt like a twat alll day :/, just felt really shitty about myself so thought fuck this i'l stop blogging aswell (sorry for my foul language) but seriously i'm not guna stop blogging, i'm guna blog more and get people to come read me wooop!
Also im thinkin about starting up a youtube channel i did a few video's today, just to test it out, my camera's crappy atm, i'll do video's with that, but hopefully i'll be upgrading too!
In my next blog which i'm guna do straight after this i'l be doing August favs, a late one i know but better late than never
lots of love

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


helloo girls :-)..
i havent wrote on here for ages, and this most probs will be my last post, mainly because i have 3 followers, NOT THAT IM NOT GREATFUL for my 3 followers, i couldnt thank them enough tbh, but i know im not guna get followers so.. yes this will mp be my last post :-) xx

Saturday, 27 August 2011

girly holidays..

I recently went on my first girlie holiday with my 6 best friends, we went to newquay for the week and stayed on a 17-30's campsite, ahh it was the best week ever,we partied all night and recovered all day haha, Newquay is a beautiful place in cornwall the weather was lush all week apart from the last night. I met some amazing people there and were hopefully meeting back up with them in october at the same place, here somes pictures i want to share with you...
This is me with the London boys..

This is mean and the girls the first night, the ginger one is chloe, the one with black hair is nicole next to her is zoey, the one in the bright pink is lauren, then me and next to me is abii

abi me peter zoey jack, the SURREY boys ( personal joke)

This is me and lauren

Me and Lauren again lol

Me and Chloeee

this is me jordan lauren luke and down the bottom abi and steve

as soon as we arrived we seen this, haha this is me Gary(the scott) and Chloee
The scottish boys were our neighbours

This is me and bradley(nipper bristol) i called him!!

This are a few pictures of the holiday, have any of you been on holiday this summer with your friends? next year where going back to Newquay for my birthday in June and then Ayia Napa in July

Love and Hugs
Hannah xxx

Thursday, 25 August 2011

5 minuets of anger

Hey hunnies!
   So this is my third post in the same day, this is a good blogger right here ;-) no but seriously like i said im guna put as much posts up here so when people do start readin they don't get bored, I AM NOT A BORING PERSON, lols.
But honestly i've been a blogger for about an hour and its already made me angry, i rote the rong email address in, my email ends in, but i rote .com and couldnt access this :-( *cries* so ive spent ages trying to get back onto here.. but hey its all good now.
it also says i have one follower, but not letting me see who EKKK IM SO HAPPY IF I HAVE :D!!!!
if your that number please say, it'll make me so happy woooo.
love and hugs xox
Hannah xx

Rimmel :lasting finish 25 hr foundation review..

hey hunnnnies,
eeek, i'd like to welcome you to my first beauty blog, even though i haven't got followers atm, i AM trying my hardest to get you all to come see my blog, so i'll have to do posts so your not dissapointed. I need to put the work in to make sure you all want to come back, and if you do i appreciate it so much :-)
so back to the blog, i recently needed a new foundation, No7 has discounted the mousse i used to use, but i'm happy to say they are bringing it back to stock in October, i will be one of the first running to boots to go get it eeeek..
so anyhoo i went into my local boots and i'd read blogs that had raved about this foundation so i thought if its good enough for you then its good enough for me, & im sorry to say i dont think much of this foundation. If your like me and get more than the odd one spot, you'll want a foundation that will be able to give you the confidence you need, if im honest i had to pile on alot of concealer before and after i used this foundation, although its a heavy foundation it didn't give me the coverage i needed. It such a heavy foundation that i couldn't even apply it with my foundation brush i had to do it with my fingers, which i hate doing anyway, but if i didn't want a grubby foundation look i hate to use them, it left me with really greasy skin so i had to pack on the powder, if im honest this foundation was a big FAT FAIL, which im gutted about because i did spend money which i haven't got much of lately and i bought it along the time of my holiday ( i went away with my friends) so to be honest i wasn't a happy bunny.
If your like me and u need confidence off a foundation, i wouldn't go for this foundation, but i have a foundation i can't rave about enough...

this foundation is BEAUTIFUL and well worth getting girlies, and £13.50  i think its an amazing price and No7 vouchers are out atm, so treat yourself to this, ahh i cant rave about it anymore i love it..
hope this blog isn't too long and please let me know your thoughts!
love and hugs

Hannah xx

HELLO, im Hannah who are YOU?

Hello Hello HELLO!

I'm Hannah, who may you be ? :-)
lol as you now know i am Hannah and i'm a new first time of the carriage blogger, well i hope i'm just testing this out to see if i acctually do get people reading me and liking my posts. Why start blogging you ask, well bassically i've been watching youtube guru's for i don't know how many bloody years, and ive always read there blogs, now i'd LOVE to make youtube video's but i'm shy and know i wouldn't know what to say, but anyhoo back to blogs, ive always read there blogs and thought well make one see how it goes..
basically my name is hannah i am 17 and on a budget lolllllls, i sadly havent got a job so live off my parents, but i am trying to get a job i promise :P.. btw im training to be a social worker/youth worker and i do get paid for that so its not that bad.
To sum me up in 3 words, im CRAZY, loud and girlyyyyyyyyy, please read me and tell alll your blogging friends about me muchos thanks

ISN'T THIS GORGEOUS... i want, leaving you with this

Hannah xx